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Blueyfy Your Family | High Res Digital Download

Blueyfy Your Family | High Res Digital Download

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Family Size


  1. Choose family size and background
  2. Select if you would like a free sticker with your order (you will get a sticker of each of your family members (family members that are drawn attached will be a single sticker))
  3. Select if you would like the names of each member in your order (this only applies to the image with a background)
  4. In the 'Family Names' box enter each of your family member's name in the following format 'Dad - John, Mum - Janet, Child 1 - Riley, Child 2 - Harley'
  5. Enter the email you would like your files to be emailed to (it is the buyer's responsibility to provide a valid email address)
  6. Upload any family photo you would like us to use as a reference (if you would like to recreate a certain memory)
  7. Enter any special requests, this includes telling us what types of dogs you want each family member to be, what colors you want them to be, any special markings, any toys or food you want them to be holding etc. If no special requests are made then you are agreeing to let our artists pick the types of dogs and colors for each family member
  8. Sit back and wait for your files to be delivered (Estimated delivery date is 3 - 5 business days, any longer than that and we will send you an email with a more robust time frame)

Introducing our Custom "Bluey-Inspired Digital Family Portraits" - The Perfect Tribute to Your Family!

Do you absolutely adore the heartwarming art style of the beloved animated show, Bluey? Imagine capturing the pure joy, love, and boundless energy of your family in that same delightful art style. With our custom "Bluey-Inspired Digital Family Portraits," you can do just that!

Bring the magic of Bluey's world right into your digital space with a personalized piece of art that features your entire family. No matter the size of your family , your lifestyle, or their identify our talented artists can transform your beloved family into a Bluey-inspired digital work of art. Each portrait is meticulously handcrafted to ensure every detail is captured.

Why choose our "Bluey-Inspired Digital Family Portraits"?

1. Unique Artistry: Our artists are true experts at recreating the charm and whimsy of the Bluey art style in a digital format. Your family's unique features will be celebrated with vibrant colors and delightful character, just like in the show.

2. Unforgettable Keepsake: These custom digital portraits make for a lasting memory and a one-of-a-kind keepsake that captures the spirit of your family. They'll become an instant conversation piece in your digital galleries.

3. Personalized Touch: You have the freedom to choose the background, pose, and any specific details you'd like to include in your family's digital portrait. This means you can make the artwork as unique as your family.

4. Gift of Joy: Bluey-inspired digital family portrait makes a perfect gift for any family. Surprise a friend or family member with a heartfelt and customized present that celebrates their love for their family.

5. Two Digital Files Included: With each order, you will receive two high-resolution digital files - one without a background and one with a background. This gives you the flexibility to use your pet's portrait as you wish, whether you want to display it with a background or add your own creative touch.

6. Digital Delivery: Your custom "Bluey-Inspired Family Portrait" will be delivered as two high-resolution digital files, making it easy to showcase on screens, social media, or even print on your preferred medium.

Now you can cherish your family's unique character in the enchanting style of Bluey, all in a convenient digital format. Celebrate the love and companionship they bring into your life with a custom family portrait that will warm your heart every time you view it.

Order your "Bluey-Inspired Digital Family Portrait" today, and receive two digital files that let you enjoy the magic of art in the world of Bluey, in the digital space you love!

*The sticker is 3 inches on its longest side and will be of ONLY your characters as they are drawn. Characters that are drawn attached to each others will be considered a single sticker.  Stickers are delivered via USPS mail delivery. It is the buyer's responsibility to provide a deliverable address. Physical delivery times for your free sticker may average around 7-10 business days and can be affected by things such as holidays and weather conditions.

**Your family's name/s will only be displayed on the file with the background of your dog/s (not on the sticker).

***Please note any special requests you have, this includes, but not limited to, special markings you want, any gestures, holding any items, like a hot dog or a toy, etc. within the Special Requests box.

We reserve the right to refuse any and all requested art based on our discretion, please make sure the requested art is family friendly and safe.

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